The Single Most Searched Nutrient on the Internet


Also known as ascorbic acid, Vitamin C is found in fruit and vegetables and is a powerful antioxidant.  It helps to prevent damage from pollutants such as cigarette smoke, and helps the body form and maintain connective tissue including bones, blood vessels and skin.

Vitamin C also aids in absorption of iron and decreases both bad, and total cholesterol.  it can also lessen the duration and symptoms of a cold, but don’t be fooled, it won’t stop you catching one!

Good sources of Vitamin C can be found in, amongst others, broccoli, berries, cantaloupe, cabbage, kale, tomatoes and peppers, in fact the red bell pepper is the top source of Vitamin C, so if you associate Vitamin C with citrus fruit alone – don’t, although this is a great source.

Recommended daily intakes vary dramatically for different people, but as a general rule the National Institute of Health suggests the following intake:

Men: 90 mg per day, Ladies: 75 mg per day, Pregnant Ladies: 85 mg per day and those breast feeding 120 mg per day.

As Vitamin C is water soluble it cannot be stored in the body so recommended daily amounts, are just that.

Nicotine (and related products), oral contraception and Asprin may decrease vitamin C levels.  It is therefore recommend that smokers should intake an additional 35 – 100mg (depending on where you are sourcing your advice) per day.

Be warned: too much Vitamin C (2000mg or more) can cause digestive problems, headaches, bloating and kidney stones.

Due to its ability to maintain connective tissue, Active Vitamin C can be found in some skincare products where it makes skin firmer and younger looking and helps skin fight the test of time.

It can stop premature ageing and wrinkling, and neutralises free radicals (sun damage, pollution, and oxygen) creating a barrier, so that they can’t come into contact with the skin.  Active vitamin C can also fade dark spots and circles and brighten skin.

Highly concentrated formulas contain at least 10% Vitamin C, ensuring they deliver an adequate amount of ascorbic acid to penetrate into your skin and release L-ascorbic acid in a strong enough amount to boost collagen formation.

So if you want to feel good and look even better, ensure you’re getting all the Vitamin C you need!




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NB. This information is not advice and should not be treated as such.  Please consult with your doctor before you change your diet, should you be concerned about any medical conditions.




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