Keep skin looking its best all year round

Well, summer is officially over (boo) and whilst we’re busy packing away the shorts and flip flops and getting out the woollies, I wonder how many of us have thought about the changes needed in our skincare routines.

Icy temperatures outside and hot radiators indoors lead to a dehydrated and sensitive skin, so here are my top tips for a super soft winter skin:

  1. Gently buff away dull and dry skin cells with an exfoliator. This will automatically brighten your skin and helps your moisturiser penetrate better.
  2. Hydration is key to making your skin look plump and glowing. So use a cleanser and moisturiser with a creamier consistency.  I suggest you also drink plenty of water. moisturer
  3. Invest in an oil or face mist to lock the moisture in.
  4. Use a protective lip balm that works! With no oil glands of their own, lips chap and crack easily in winter weather.
  5. Don’t forget the rest of your body. Find a nourishing body lotion and apply as soon as you get out of the shower. It’s more effective when applied to damp skin.
  6. Buy yourself a softening foot and hand cream. Hands are at their worst in winter and can leave you with dry ragged cuticles.  Why not get yourself some cotton gloves to put on once hand cream is applied. Leaving them on for an hour will really help soften the skin.

Advice brought to you from Beautifulnu Taunton.  Find me on Facebook.


7 thoughts on “Keep skin looking its best all year round

  1. Good Morning,

    I’m definitely not one who looks at blogs like this, but it was on First Friday and I certainly wanted to give you feedback. I love your blog setup and your post. Your writing is easy to follow and fun to read. Also, I may just try a few of these things myself!




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